• 6,700 square foot facility located in Chelsea, MA.
  • More than 17 ovens, multiple walk in refrigerators / freezers, 3 ranges, Steamers, Kettles cook and hold cabinets and wide variety of kitchen equipment.
  • 12 delivery vehicles.
  • On-site training in food safety, workplace safety, and safe food handling policies for all staff and personnel.


  • Manager, Scott Happeny – On site Food Service Manager has been with the company since 1996. Scott is Serv-Safe Certified and is also trained as a certified BarCode Certified Trainer, and he is an awesome cook.
  • Executive Chef, Leonard Nunley - Leonard came to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Childcare meals and cooking in large volumes. Lenny is a 1974 graduate from Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and has over 50 years of food service experience from cooking for military mess halls and childcare centers to cooking and overseeing catering events for upwards of 5000 people such as the Democratic National Convention and Boston University's yearly graduations, and now as our Executive Chef overseeing our commissary kitchen and staff since 2008.
  • Nutritionist, Kathy Cunningham – Kathy is a registered nutritionist with years of experience in menu development, nutritional analysis and sanitation training.
  • Nutritionist, Carol Harris, MS, RD, LD – Carol is a registered nutritionist and a Head Start nutritionist.